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Who we are

When it comes to alcohol and other drugs, we understand the complexities that can get in the way of successful change.

Our team are Australia’s leading expert consultants in alcohol and other drug responses. We combine more than 25 years of academic research with hands-on clinical experience to provide you with solutions that are both evidence based and practical to implement. We understand the nuance of alcohol and other drug policy and practice.

We cut through the jargon and give you access to proven, cutting edge practices that are relevant in the real world.

We partner with you full circle starting from wherever you are in the cycle of change to help drive results that last.

Working with us, you’ll have actionable plans, policies, and practices that are understandable, practical and sustainable.

We will help you find your edge and ignite lasting (r)evolutionary change.

Our team

Professor Nicole Lee, Director

Nicole is the face of 360Edge. Problem solver, pragmatist, Ice queen. She is an international leader in all things alcohol and drug policy and practice, and well known for her expertise on Australia's methamphetamine problems. Her advice has been sought after by Australian state and federal governments, the World Health Organisation and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Not your typical academic, her entertaining presentation style makes research come alive. An evidence based practice and policy evangelist, she knows how to make research work in the real world. Our clients love her can do attitude. She’s also our resident media star.

Linda Jenner, Principal Consultant

Linda is our most senior clinical consultant with a wealth of knowledge about all service types. A perennial nomad, Linda has lived and worked all over Australia, so she really understands how evidence applies to local contexts. She has extensive experience in mental health and drug treatment and was the first ever CNC for Dual Diagnosis in the alcohol and other drug sector. Our clients love her warm and engaging style and her clinical smarts.

Paula Ross, Senior Clinical Consultant

Paula is our resident clinical expert and master trainer. With her background in counselling psychology and family therapy, she is highly sought after for professional development and mentoring of practitioners, and also leads our schools program. Our clients love her straight-forward, pragmatic style.

Elaine Moss, Office Manager

Need to know something about 360Edge? Ask Elaine! Switched on office manager and expert organiser, Elaine’s administrative super powers keep our physical and virtual offices running smoothly, all delivered with a smile. 360Edge’s best kept secret, Elaine makes things happen as if by magic.

Sandra Simpson, Senior Training Consultant

A positive catalyst for frontline worker change, Sandra's skills and expertise in clinical practice, training and program development are unmissable. We love her constant smile and her positive can do attitude!

Tim Hilton, Senior Consultant

Project Manager Extraordinaire, Tim's clear head for complex logistics means that even the most challenging projects come off without a hitch. He cuts through the noise to make magic happen. Our clients love his straightforward, logical approach combined with his engaging style.

Jarryd Bartle, Consultant

With a unique background in forensic science, criminal law and public health, Jarryd's sharp mind gives us the edge in public health policy debate. He understands the interaction of AOD problems and criminal behaviour multiple perspectives Our clients love his ability to cut through to the real issues.

Anna Wilkins, Project Coordinator

Complex coordination is a breeze when Anna is on the job.

Annie Bleeker, Senior Training Consultant

Super trainer Annie has taught people from Amsterdam to Australia. She knows how to get the best out of any audience. Our participants love her warm and engaging style coupled with her expert knowledge of all things drug related.

Angela Harney, Senior Research Consultant

Data guru extraordinaire, our clients love Angela’s adaptability and her soft edge. She’s our go-to person for making research and evaluation happen, and has a knack for client interviews and stakeholder engagement, so you know you will get the best quality data when Angela is in charge. Our clients love her quiet and patient manner. If you have a complex project that is a little ‘real world messy’ Angela is The One.

Sonja Pohlman, Senior Clinical Consultant

Creative Clinician Sonja is a talent in the treatment sphere. She uses her creative flare to create best practice programs with an edge. Our clients love her clever clinical thinking and innovative ideas that bring programs to life and engage participants to get the best outcomes.

Jenni Harman, Senior Medical Writer

Jenni is 360Edge’s word whisperer. She has a special way with words and is our one stop shop for reports, so you know you will receive the best quality deliverables. She takes complex ideas and jargon and turns them into plain language, so everyone can understand them.

Trish Kensell, Change Management Consultant

Australia’s most senior change manager, Trish is known throughout Australia for her spectacular people skills and her systematic approach to change that really works. She’s worked in some tough change positions and understands how to get policy and practice change happening.

Lewis Burnside, Senior Workplace Consultant

Lewis is a font of knowledge about workplace drug and alcohol policy. He’s worked on the ground so knows what it takes to make policy work in the real world, and engage workers in training. Our clients love his no-nonsense approach to workplace safety.

Simon Clayer, Workplace Legal Advisor

Industrial relations law is just the start with our consultant lawyer and reincarnated psychology graduate. He has developed drug policy programs and defended them so he knows exactly what it takes to ensure your workplace policies are legally sound and meet your OHS obligations. Our clients love his attention to detail and inside out knowledge of the law.


Beyond alcohol and drugs

We understand alcohol and drug use and the most effective responses so you get the best possible advice on policy and practice strategies. Our team is one of the most experienced in Australia.

Practical answers for the real world

When you want to know what’s working and what’s not - without the waffle. When you want practical strategies that will work in the real world. Our team works closely with you to understand your organisation and provide realistic advice that will accelerate change.

Change that lasts

Our academic expertise and practical experience helps you cut through the noise to find solutions that last. You’ll receive cutting edge processes that you can implement and sustain within your resources.

Tailored solutions

We understand that there’s no one size fits all solution. We ask the right questions and distill complex information to uncover what works for you.

Measurable outcomes

We take the time to understand your unique situation from all perspectives and connect the dots, from research to practice that is relevant to you. Gain real results you can measure.

A clear change plan

We take the guesswork out of your change plan. Our recommendations are written in clear, succinct language that everyone can understand and are feasible to implement.

How we work

We are a team of specialist 'pracademics'; practical academics who understand best practice and have clinical experience. We know what works in the real world.

Over the last 25 years our solutions have worked for organisations of different sizes from around the world, in both the private and public sector, and will work for your organisation as well.

Our real world policies provide organisations with practical and effective approaches that take into consideration the needs of their people, as well as the need for the organisation to perform at its best.

Our Clients

We have worked with leading national and international organisations to accelerate change.

Work for us!

At 360Edge we are always looking for talented multi-skilled individuals committed to translation of research to practice.


As a member of the 360Edge team, you can expect:

  • To be part of a close knit group of like-minded professionals
  • To make real and lasting impact in the health sector
  • Mentoring in our systems and strategies that will assist you to thrive in your role
  • Involvement in all of the important decisions at 360Edge
  • 360 support for your work


In return, we expect you to be:

  • Flexible and adaptive
  • Proactive and able to work independently
  • An excellent communicator, thinker and problem solver
  • Able to multitask
  • Technologically capable
  • Results focused and outcome oriented
  • A leader

Ideally you’d have at least 5 years experience in similar role and a practice background in alcohol and other drugs, mental health or a related field.

If you think you have what it takes, send your full CV with an application outlining how fabulous you are addressing our needs outlined above and below, a short video demonstrating your presentation skills and any other supporting material (e.g. training evaluations) to We want to see demonstrated expertise and skill, not just your years of experience.

Got questions? Contact Nicole on 1300 988 184.


Currently recruiting...

Training Consultants

We are currently recruiting part time and full time training consultants for a variety of roles including Ice training for frontline workers.

You need to have:

  • At least 5 years experience training clinical and non-clinical audiences
  • An excellent knowledge of alcohol and other drugs, especially methamphetamine trends and treatment
  • An engaging, interactive training style
  • A demonstrated ability to manage group dynamics and a varied audience
  • The ability to adapt training on the fly, using different anecdotes and examples for different groups
  • Stamina – you may be training nearly every day!

Ideally you’d have qualifications in teaching, adult education or training.

Research and Project Consultants

We are currently recruiting full time and part time research and project consultants for a variety of projects.

You need to:

  • Have postgraduate research or project management qualifications
  • At least 5 years experience working independently in a research, evaluation or project management role
  • Excellent integrative, analytical thinking skills
  • A clinical or practice background, or a deep understanding of health policy and practice
  • Be able to be flexible and creative with methodology – research in the real world can be messy!