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Drug Education For Schools

School based drug education has changed significantly in the last decade.

Programs we thought worked have been shown to be ineffective or worse increase interest in drugs.

Make sure your school is up to date with the latest in evidence-based school alcohol and drug education, with our leading Australian experts in alcohol and other drug policy, prevention, treatment and training.

Engaging and informative, our expert schools team have the latest scientific knowledge so you can be confident you are receiving the best advice for your school.

Read our latest article in The Conversation on what works in prevention for schools.

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Educating Parents on Alcohol and Other Drug Issues

Did you know that early sips of alcohol are associated with more drinking and higher risk of alcohol and other drug problems in young people?

There are many myths about drug use out there. Parent knowledge about alcohol and other drugs is key to preventing teen problems with drugs.

Ensure your parents are up to date with the latest in alcohol and other drugs knowledge.

School drug policy development

Are your school policies up to date?

Does your school alcohol and other drug policy meet best practice standards, and protect the school and your students?

Our experienced team can ensure you have a defensible best practice school based prevention with 360 support.

Get the edge in alcohol and other drug policy in your school.

Teacher training in alcohol and other drugs

Drug trends

Drug trends come and go. Ensure your school's teachers, pastoral care and health professionals stay up to date with the latest in drug use trends and what works in school based prevention.

Communicating about alcohol and other drugs

Learn how to talk to kids about alcohol and other drugs and other sensitive topics so they really listen. Our best practice communication strategies, based on Motivational Interviewing, improve motivation and cooperation.

Alcohol and other drug education

Professional development for decision makers to assist you in identifying the most effective drug education program for your school.