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Professional development in alcohol and other drugs

360Edge is a lead provider of professional development for alcohol and other drug specialists, as well as other health, welfare and education frontline workers.

Attend one of our open sessions for practitioners and frontline workers or find out about tailored workshops for your workforce.

Get ready to restart your professional development at home!

You can now access our one day workshops live streamed!

It’s the next best thing to face to face training. Our trainers are right there in the (virtual) room with you.

We’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to come up with a solution to continue to provide the high quality training you have come to know and love.

After lots of testing and feedback, we have split one day workshops into two half days in consecutive weeks to make it easier to concentrate and to fit it into your day.

We have scheduled dates for our first three online workshops and here they are:

Working with families in AOD  – 4th and 9th June

Help! I’ve been subpoenaed – 7th and 14th July

Motivational interviewing for AOD – 6th and 11th August

And we are still taking expressions of interest for all our other training. Register your details and we will be in contact just as soon as new dates have been settled.

Still to come  in 2020.

CBT for alcohol and other drugs

Integrating motivational interviewing and CBT

Responding to Comorbidity NEW!

CBT Masterclass 

Superskills for supervisors  NEW!

Motivational Interviewing Masterclass 

Working with families with domestic and family violence NEW! 

Please note: Our free ice training is now finished. For further information on this initiative, please contact the Victorian Department of Health on

As always, if you have any questions for us just drop us a line at or call us on 1300 988 184


Looking for tailored training for your organisation or sector?

Our clinical experts can tailor something just for your workers. Get in touch at 1300 988 184 or and someone from the fabulous 360Edge training team will be happy to help.

Working with Families in AOD

An interactive 2 half day online workshop

4th and 9th June 2020

9am – 12pm

We know that involving families in AOD treatment improves outcomes. Do you know how to best work with families of people who use alcohol and other drugs?

This interactive workshop is full of demonstrations, clinical discussion and practical skills so you walk away with new and effective ways of working with families of people who use alcohol and other drugs.

This training is for anyone who wants to develop their skills in AOD family practice. You’ll learn how to conceptualise and work with complex family dynamics and take a systems approach to family work.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand models of family functioning and how that affects treatment
  • Describe the 5-step model for working with families and how to use it in practice
  • Establish a collaboration and utilise it to improve outcomes for people in treatment and their families
  • Know how to utilise families’ wisdom and coping to achieve improved outcomes
  • Implement effective responses to the challenges of working with families, for example conflict, confidentiality and consent

Cost: Earlybird $290 until 22 May 2020  |  Standard $350 after 22 May 2020

Facilitator: Paula Ross

Help! I've been subpoenaed - prepare case notes and reports for court

An online 2 half day workshop

7th and 14th July

9am – 12pm

Write great case notes and feel confident giving evidence in court with this practical case note and court preparation training.

Do you know what to say and do if you are subpoenaed to appear in court? Do you feel confident writing a report for court?

Nearly 50% of AOD workers have had their case notes subpoened. Are yours court-ready?

Join our clinical expert Paula Ross and legal eagle Jarryd Bartle for this practical 2 half days  workshop specially designed to assist practitioners to get court ready. Gain confidence and reduce anxiety about appearing in court.

Learning outcomes

  • Know how to write case notes that are both clinically relevant and legally sound
  • Describe the different types of courts and how they operate
  • Know how to respond to a subpoena
  • Construct different types of reports for court
  • Feel confidence to appear in court

Cost: Earlybird $290 until 30 June  |  Standard $350 after 30 June



Motivational Interviewing for AOD

An online 2 half day interactive workshop

6th and 11th August 



Motivational interviewing for AOD

This 2 half days online workshop, new in 2020, will cover the key elements in motivational interviewing essential for AOD workers. Participants will improve their MI skills – “the how” – and gain a deeper understanding of the spirit and philosophy of MI – “the why”.

This workshop is a great foundation for people new to alcohol and other drugs, or as a refresher before our Integrating MI and CBT workshop or our MI Masterclass later in the year.

Learning outcomes

  • Improve understanding of MI theory and practice
  • Increase knowledge of key MI processes
  • Build and strengthen core MI skills
  • Increase knowledge and practice of key MI specific interventions

Cost: Earlybird $290 until 24 July  |  Standard $350 after 24 July

Facilitator: Paula Ross 

Responding to comorbidity - 2 day advanced skills workshop


30th September and 1st October 2020  Melbourne

Explore what you need to know about common mental health conditions and what works in alcohol and other drug treatment. Deepen their understanding of comorbidity and build knowledge, confidence and skill in responding effectively.

This new training from 360Edge is based on the most up to date evidence. You will learn how to best respond to co-occurring alcohol and other drug and mental health conditions. Participants will learn how to adapt and expand upon their existing skills to assist their clients to manage their mental health symptoms whilst participating in alcohol and other drug treatment.

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise the key types of mental health symptoms in alcohol and other drug treatment
  • Undertake a thorough assessment and develop a case formulation to guide your practice
  • Learn how to respond effectively within the bounds of the alcohol and other drug setting

Cost: Earlybird $550 until 18 September  |  Standard $700 after 18 September

Facilitator: Paula Ross

CBT for AOD workers

Now a fully interactive 2 x half day online workshop! 

26th + 27th August 

9am – 12pm

Forget the A-B-Cs. Come to this fun interactive workshop and go behind the scenes to understand the mechanics of CBT for AOD. Find out what makes CBT tick so you can tailor strategies and treatment to different client presentations.

This workshop is a offers a practical introduction to core practice skills in AOD treatment and offers a great foundation for new practitioners or a refresher before our Integrating MI and CBT workshop or our CBT Masterclass

Learning outcomes

  • Build and strengthen core clinical skills in behavioural and cognitive therapies
  • Improve understanding of CBT theory and practice
  • Increase knowledge and practice of AOD specific CBT assessment
  • Increase knowledge and practice of key AOD specific behaviouralinterventions
  • Increase knowledge and practice of key AOD specific cognitive interventions

“Amazing training. Best CBT training I have attended. Facilitators were fantastic and really knew their stuff!”

(Participant 2018)

Cost: Earlybird: $290 | Standard: $350 | (Attend both CBT for AOD and Integrating MI and CBT and for just $435!)

Facilitator: Paula Ross

Integrating motivational interviewing and CBT

Now a fully interactive 2 x half day online workshop! 

9th + 10th September

9am – 12pm

Find out how to effectively blend the two core interventions in AOD treatment to achieve better client outcomes. This practice based workshop shows you how and when to utilise MI and CBT seamlessly throughout treatment from assessment to closure. This workshop is for those with some basic knowledge of CBT and MI wanting to refine their practice.

Learning outcomes

  • Increase understanding of how MI and CBT fit together
  • Increase understanding of change and motivation to change
  • Increase knowledge and practice of preparing for CBT using MI
  • Increase knowledge and practice of using MI to enhance the application of CBT

“Loved how knowledgeable the trainers were and the real life anecdotes they shared” (Participant, 2018)

“A fantastic refresher for those more experienced and also for beginners. I’ve certainly gained more knowledge and can’t wait to practice my skills” (Participant, 2018)

Cost: Earlybird: $290 | Standard: $350 | (Attend both CBT for AOD and Integrating MI and CBT and for just $435!)

Facilitator: Paula Ross

4-day intensive CBT masterclass for alcohol and other drug professionals

13-16 October 2020  Melbourne

This is one of our most popular and highest rated workshops!

Join our CBT experts Professor Nicole Lee, Past President and Fellow of the AACBT, and Paula Ross, Counselling Psychologist and clinical expert, in this top rated 4-day workshop.

This course has been developed especially for alcohol and other drug workers, particularly those in counselling or case management roles, who want to build and strengthen the core CBT clinical skills that are the foundation for all best practice CBT protocols from traditional CBT to newer cognitive therapy models like the mindfulness-based therapies.

  • Get back to basics and understand exactly what makes CBT tick
  • Learn the why not just the how so you can apply core skills to any CBT type
  • Unlock the art and science of your practice to take it to the next level

Our unique interactive self-practice approach means you will really experience CBT from the inside, creating a deep understanding of how it works.

Cognitive behaviour therapy is an umbrella term that includes a number of solution-oriented therapies focusing on self-reflection, problem-solving and learning skills that can be applied across situations, such as:

  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • Compassion Focused Therapy

Find out how to use the core skills of CBT to drive change whatever model you use. Our focus is understanding and experiencing the drivers of change in CBT that underlie all CBT models.

Learning outcomes

  • Deepen understanding of the CBT approach and different forms of CBT
  • Develop skills in self-reflection and self-practice as a way of maximising experiential learning of CBT
  • Understand a CBT model that provides a framework for effective assessment, formulation and intervention
  • Improve CBT oriented assessment and formulation skills
  • Improve CBT oriented intervention skills
  • Recognise and respond to therapeutic relationship difficulties within a CBT framework

Download Flyer

Cost: Earlybird $990 until 29 September 2020  |  Standard $1390 after 29 September 2020

'Loved the course... I want more'

10 out of 10 participants said they would recommend this training to their colleagues!

Superskills for supervisors


12 November 2020  Melbourne

The key to practice improvement is great supervision. Build your own leadership skills and contribute to the next generation of practitioners.

Are you a supervisor in the AOD sector or want to become one? Have you found yourself supervising others with no training on how to do supervision effectively?  If you are ready for your next professional challenge, Paula Ross will guide you through this one day workshop so you walk away with confidence.

Learning outcomes 

  • To increase knowledge of relevant models of supervision
  • To increase knowledge of supervisor rights and responsibilities
  • To identify and improve core supervisory skills, including developing and implementing supervision contracts and plans, assessing supervisee development needs and navigating challenges and roadblocks
  • To identify and improve core supervisory relationship skills, including listening, questioning, guiding, and giving and receiving feedback
  • To introduce self-reflection and self-practice as a way of improving supervisory skills

Cost: Earlybird $350 until 5 November  |  Standard $450 after 5 November

2-Day MI Masterclass for AOD practitioners

We are still taking registrations and expressions of interest in all of our upcoming workshops scheduled for this year and are working to reschedule these throughout the year.  Please register your interest and we will be sure to keep you updated with any news about this masterclass.

Date TBC

This course has been developed specifically for alcohol and other drug practitioners who want to build and strengthen core clinical skills in motivational interviewing, a core competency for alcohol and other drug workers at all levels.

Motivational interviewing is a directive, client-centered interaction style that helps people to explore and resolve ambivalence to change. It’s more than a set of strategies.

  • Learn how ambivalence and change impact on therapy outcomes
  • Understand the spirit, philosophy and principles of MI so you are not limited by a handful of strategies
  • Experience the change process through self practice and self reflection

Our unique interactive self-practice approach means you will really experience MI from the inside, creating a deep understanding of how it works.

Learning outcomes

  • Deepen understanding of the MI approach
  • Develop skills in self-reflection and self-practice as a way of maximising experiential learning of MI
  • Understand a model that integrates factors for change and values
  • Develop advanced MI oriented listening and questioning skills
  • Improve understanding of client ambivalence and improve responses to ambivalence
  • Develop high level skills in eliciting factors leading to change
  • Understand and effectively respond to therapeutic relationship difficulties

Cost: Earlybird $550  | Standard $700

Facilitators: Professor Nicole Lee and Paula Ross


Working with domestic family violence in families

We are still taking registrations and expressions of interest in all of our upcoming workshops scheduled for this year and are working to reschedule these throughout the year.  Please register your interest and we will be sure to keep you updated with any news about this masterclass.

Date TBC


Confidently work with families experiencing domestic and family violence with our new skills based workshop.

This new workshop builds on training in screening and assessment skills accompanying various family safety initiatives. It  is for organisations and practitioners who want a higher level of clinical practice training in working with whole families with alcohol and other drug and domestic and family violence.

Deepen your understanding of the dynamics of family violence and gain practical skills to respond to families who experience violence in the unique context of alcohol and other drug treatment.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand domestic and family violence risk in families with alcohol and other drug issues, including partners, parents and children experiencing or using violence
  • Learn a model to understand domestic and family violence in families
  • Improve your responses to disclosures of domestic and family violence (experience and use) including risk assessments, development of safety plans, care coordination and referral for affected family members
  • Improve planning of integrated domestic and family violence and alcohol and other drug family interventions
  • Improve knowledge of and capacity to utilise self-care strategies

Cost: Earlybird $350  |  Standard $450

Facilitator: Paula Ross

FREE ice training for Victorian frontline workers

Registrations now closed

Our free ice training, funded by the Victorian Government, has come to an end. Thanks to the 8000+ frontline workers right around Victoria who participated in these workshops. The feedback was outstanding!

If you are looking for ice-related training or service support we offer a range of workforce and service development options for frontline health workers, alcohol and other drug specialists and service managers.

Talk to us on 1300 988 184 or


Learn how to respond to people affected by ice

Who will benefit

As a frontline worker, you have a greater likelihood of coming into contact with people who use methamphetamine (‘ice’ or ‘speed’). Learn effective strategies to respond. Managers and workforce educators will also benefit.

These FREE workshops for frontline workers across Victoria will build your confidence, knowledge, and skills so you can respond safely and effectively to people affected by the drug ice.

The workshops are specifically tailored for you if you work in alcohol and other drugs, clinical or community mental health, hospitals or other health settings, dental health, pharmacy, housing, homelessness, welfare, gambling, transport, education (including primary and secondary schools, VET, university and community learning).

What you will learn

These free sessions will empower you with the knowledge and skills required to manage people affected by ice.

  • Understand the effects of ice and identify users
  • Find out how to work safely to protect yourself and others
  • Learn how to respond to ice-affected people
  • Discover what works in treatment

About the training

Sessions are now rolling out across Victoria. To see what’s available in your area and register click on the relevant icon above.

This training is eligible for self-logged continuing professional development points for most professional bodies. A certificate of attendance is provided.

These free practical workshops are funded by the Victorian Government’s Ice Action Plan and delivered by Australia’s leading consultants in ice responses.


This training is funded by

As part of Victoria’s $45.5 million ice action plan ‘Taking action, Stopping ice’

Responding to ice

With concern about methamphetamine related problems on the rise, the alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council of Tasmania with the Tasmanian Government invited 360Edge to facilitate two major workshops in Devonport and Hobart for alcohol and drug workers, mental health, health and frontline workers such as ambulance, police and medical practitioners.

Over 400 people expressed interest for 250 places at the workshops.

Feedback from the day:
“Clear and comprehensive presentation delivered at a level for all to understand”
“Great balance between theoretical and practical”
“I learnt so much! It was awesome!”
“Brilliant workshop!"
“I would definitely come again to other workshops presented by Nicole and Linda”