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Leading practices for (r)evolutionary results

Kia ora, talofa lava

360Edge Aotearoa New Zealand provides a full suite of advisory services to help health service organisations accelerate change. We work with leading international organisations, governments and not for profit agencies across  Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia and globally.

Our consultancy vision is for a thriving service system that provides the best practice responses right across the spectrum of alcohol and other drug use. We see the AOD sector as an area that has continuous improvement at its core and is resilient and adaptable to change. Our mission is to ensure governments and services have the tools they need to respond effectively and efficiently to people who use alcohol and other drugs to reduce harms.

We are driven to make a positive impact in the world and strongly believe in social justice and human rights, and it drives all of our work. We believe that everyone has the right to the opportunities and privileges that society has to offer. We recognise the impact of colonisation for tangata te whenua and the importance of mana enhancing services. As a leading consultancy, our values of excellence, transparency and integrity are at the core of everything we do. We live these values within the team and with our customers and collaborators.

Our team of experienced ‘pracademics’ take a 360 approach to viewing situations from multiple perspectives. We collaboratively and holistically work with our clients at every stage, wherever they are in the cycle of change, to achieve their goals.

Our Aotearoa New Zealand Team

AOD services

Professor Nicole Lee, Founder and CEO

Nicole is the face of 360Edge. Problem solver, pragmatist, 'Ice Queen'. She is an international leader in all things alcohol and drug policy and practice, and best known for her expertise on Australia's methamphetamine problems. Her advice has been sought after by state and federal governments, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Not your typical academic, her entertaining keynote style makes research come alive. She makes the complex clear and easy to understand. She’s also our resident media star.

Kathryn Leafe, Head of Partnerships Aotearoa New Zealand

Kathryn is our expert on the Aotearoa New Zealand alcohol and other drug sector. She has worked in a broad range of services including early developments in harm reduction and prison-based work, Kathryn has gone on to hold a number of executive positions in the sector. Kathryn has established herself as a leader in transforming services for the better. We love her in-depth knowledge and wealth of experience in the sector.

AOD services

Elaine Moss, Head of Business

Need to know something about 360Edge consultancy? Ask Elaine! As our switched on Business and Operations Manager operating from our in Aotearoa New Zealand office, Elaine’s business superpowers keep our distributed team and virtual office humming along, all delivered with a smile. 360Edge’s best-kept secret, Elaine makes things happen behind the scenes as if by magic.


Chris is our savvy business strategist, utilising his extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector to meet our client’s needs. Chris comes from executive roles within not for profit organisations in Australia, including within the AOD sector. Chris was Young Australian of the Year (Queensland) for his efforts to bring about alcohol behaviour change. A Westpac Fellow and an Oxford Skoll Scholar, Chris is an expert in bringing about meaningful organisational change for the public good.

Working with families in AOD services


Paula leads our workforce development programs with key responsibility for developing and delivering our training, supervision and workforce policy development programs. She is also our families expert. With her extensive experience in counselling psychology, she really understands how to bring the evidence into clinical practice, so participants get the skills they need to be more effective. She is highly sought after all around Australia for her training and supervision skills. Our clients love her combination of warmth and pragmatism

AOD services


Richard leads our service development programs. He is also our trauma expert. With his extensive experience in forensic psychology, he really understands the complexities of real world service delivery. He is a master at translating research into practical solutions so governments and services stay up to date and on the cutting edge of evidence-based practice, providing the best possible care for service users. Our clients love his engaging communication style.

AOD services


Tim's incredible client relationship skills coupled with his deep knowledge of health systems ensures we continue to deliver excellence to our clients. He is also our expert in systems data modelling and service system costing and his clear head for complex logistics and health systems analysis means that even the most challenging projects come off without a hitch. Our clients love his positive and optimistic approach.

AOD services


Devushka is our project manager extraordinaire. She ensures all our service and workforce projects run to time and deliverables are to the highest possible standard. Her cat herding and juggling skills are second to none.

AOD services


With a unique background in forensic science, criminal law and public health, Jarryd's sharp mind gives us the edge in public health policy debate. He understands the interaction of AOD problems and criminal behaviour multiple perspectives. We love his boundless energy and his ability to cut through to what matters.

AOD services


With his love of data and his super organisational skills Steven is our perfect research match. He brings a science edge with his background in neuroscience and physiology. We love his ‘just say yes’ attitude.


Amanda is a highly skilled health consultant with a background that includes clinical service delivery, research and evaluation and health service system reform. Amanda’s experience includes leadership roles in blood borne virus services, alcohol and other drug treatment, and in commissioning services. We love her passion for transforming the alcohol and other drug sector.


Oliver provides our super-efficient research support, providing essential backup for our service development projects and ensuring that we are always up to date with the latest evidence. We love his attention to detail and her do-what-it-takes approach.


It's all about the numbers for our crack financial controller, Rebecca. She monitors the ins and outs of our finances with lightning precision. We love her attention to detail and always-happy disposition.

Ensuring a well trained health workforce

Professional development for the health workforce is more than just training. It is a holistic approach that synthesises workforce analysis and planning, human resource management and capacity development. The result is a workforce that is seamlessly aligned to current and future service demands.

Our approach for professional development for workforce goes beyond education and training to a whole system approach to building the capacity and sustainability of your workforce.

We take a birds-eye view of your workforce to make sure you have the right people in the right jobs providing the best services for your clients.

We offer a 360 suite of workforce development services including:

  • Professional development workshops
  • Professional supervision
  • Training needs analysis
  • Workforce policy development

Practitioner Capacity

Professional development workshops

Our trainers are the key to effective learning. Not only are we great facilitators, but we also have also have decades of real experience in mental health and alcohol and other drug practice, so you know the clinical training you get is up-to-date and practical.

We know how to teach and what to teach to take clinical delivery to the next level and see better outcomes for your clients.

We provide enough theory for a solid understanding of the ‘why’ but with a practical focus on the ‘how’.

Professional supervision

Good clinical supervision is hard to find. Supervision for developing managers is even harder. Benefit from experienced, quality support for accelerating careers and developing strong, leading-edge practices.

With our extensive experience in we offer clinical supervision for all level of practitioner from any disciplines and clinical management support.

We use a self discovery-self reflection approach to supervision so deep learning occurs that directly translates to changes in practice.

Service Capacity

Training needs analysis

Wondering whether your team has the right skills for the job?

We look at your services, benchmark the skills required and advise where your team needs additional training, supervision or further qualifications.

The right people with the right skills in the right positions means more effective outcomes and less risk of burnout in your team.

Workforce policy

Workforce policy development is broad and complex.

It identifies workforce supply and demand for the long and short term, through business analysis, job design, recruitment, retention, resource identification, support structures, and capacity development.

An effective workforce policy is integrated into the organisation’s strategic plan and provides a framework for staffing decisions to support your organisation’s vision and goals.

Improved Confidence and Standard of Care

Drug Health WSLHD was looking for a training package to ensure our clinician’s knowledge and skills in working with methamphetamine users was up-to-date and evidence based. We needed a package that could target clinicians from different disciplines and at different levels of experience.

360Edge offered the training we needed and were very flexible in coordinating and planning, meaning it took minimal effort to organise. The training on the day ran very smoothly and was concise, completely practical, relevant to clinicians on the frontline, and was presented very well. Staff feedback told us fairly quickly that confidence in working in this area had increased, and that staff were surprised at how useful they found the training. Overall the training has helped us guide the development of new treatment programs, and to improve our standard of care with methamphetamine users.

Logan Harvey, Centre for Addiction Medicine (Mt Druitt), Western Sydney Local Area Health District

Leading practices for (r)evolutionary results

Service and workforce improvement can be challenging when it comes to health and AOD services. On the frontline dealing with alcohol, other drugs and mental health issues, you need practical solutions that work in the real world.

Our cutting-edge practices connect evidence-based practice with practice-based knowledge. As accelerated change experts, we combine more than 25 years of academic research with hands-on clinical experience to develop (r)evolutionary evidence-based practices that actually work. We work with organisations that want to be the best.

Our processes make it straight-forward to understand, implement and sustain practice change. Understanding constraints facing organisations, we distil the data, cut through the jargon, then work full circle with you to engage your workforce to implement effective strategies for service improvement.

A 360 integrated approach

Established Consultancy at your service

As the leading specialist alcohol and other drug consultancy in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, we provide a full suite of advisory services to help organisations who offer health and AOD services accelerate change.

By focusing on the process as well as the outcome, you get smooth implementation of the outcomes you need. Our consultancy collaboratively and holistically works with you at every stage, wherever you are in the cycle of change. Full circle is how we work.

Extensive experience in AOD services

Our team of experienced pracademics take a 360 approach to reviewing situations from multiple perspectives.

We show you exactly what you need to do in a way that works.

We have extensive understanding about AOD services and know how to make it work in the real world.