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Beyond the tip of the iceberg: A practitioners' guide to ice

By Nicole Lee, Linda Jenner, Paula Ross  

Methamphetamine, including speed and ice, elevates aggression and psychosis. Once dependent, it can be  long and challenging for people who use methamphetamine to reduce or stop. This book explains why and what we can do in a range of primary and tertiary health contexts to reduce harms and improve outcomes.

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Drug use in Australian society 2nd Edtion

Edited by Alison Ritter, Nicole Lee & Trevor King

Drug Use in Australian Society 2ndEditionbrings together and outlines all the relevant concepts, theories and practices pertinent to understanding alcohol and other drug use in Australian society. It introduces the history of drug use in Australian society, outlines theoretical perspectives and explores public policy responses to drug use. It also has a focus on drug policy in action by exploring responses to prevention, treatment, legal issues, regulation and policing.

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Perspectives on amphetamine type stimulants

Edited by Steve Allsop and Nicole Lee

All you ever needed to know about what’s behind methamphetamine and other amphetamine type stimulants is in this comprehensive text by the world’s leaders in methamphetamine. There’s some great commentary from consumers, parents, police, and frontline emergency- and health-service staff, and some insightful case studies throughout.

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Infographics sets

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Videos Meth Inside Out

This excellent video series developed with the support of some of the world’s leaders in methamphetamine treatment. The three DVD set goes through use, effects, the brain science behind meth use and dependence, and recovery. These videos are no longer in production, and we only have a few copies left so get in quickly before they run out forever!

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Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace: A Guide for Organisations 2017 (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

Please note this resource is currently being updated and is not available to purchase.

The biggest mistake businesses make with alcohol and drug policies is focusing too much on drug testing. Find out from Australia’s experts why testing is not enough.


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Alcohol and Other Drugs - What Works?

What works is our new series of free reports summarising the research about what works in different alcohol and other drug contexts

What Works in Testing Drugs For Harm Reduction

What Works in Prisoner AOD Treatment (2nd edition)

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Exploring the place of alcohol and other drug services in the mental health system

360Edge is proud to launch our new report Exploring the place of alcohol and other drug services in the mental health system

This report outlines:

  • Current health service gaps in relation to complex or ‘co-morbid’ clients experiencing both alcohol and other drug and mental health issues.
  • The current issues in integrating AOD and mental health sectors at a system, service and treatment level.
  • Alternative models for responding to co-morbidity whilst maintaining seperate specialisations.

This report is part of 360Edge’s ongoing work supporting health service improvement and a well-trained and responsive alcohol and other drug sector.