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Thinking About Workplace Wellness

360Edge’s WorkWell team recently participated in the highly successful Workplace Wellness Festival.

The 2-day online confrence attracted hundreds of speakers and over 5000 registrants across the nation. We were proud to be a unique voice talking about ways to reduce harm associated with alcohol and other drug use in the workplace, and ways to support senior leaders and workers.

Our messages are clear: Alcohol and other drug use increases risk for workplaces and workers. The negative effects of alcohol and other drug use on workplaces include the risk of accidents and injury; absenteeism; presenteeism (being at work but underperforming); higher staff turnover; poor staff relations; low morale; workers covering for impaired colleagues; and reduced productivity. It also impacts on our ability to create diverse and inclusive workplaces.

We gave three different presentations in the busy two-day schedule at the Workplace Wellness Festival. Our sessions were high quality, well-attended and stimulated interest and discussion.

On the first morning of the program, Professor Nicole Lee gave an address titled “Alcohol and other drugs in the workplace: How workplace policies minimise harm and help manage alcohol and other drug problems?”

This was followed by WorkWell’s Senior Consultant, Dr Moira Junge, leading a round table discussion on: “Fitness for work and alcohol and other drug use: Intoxication, fatigue and worker wellbeing”. This ‘round table’ also featured Professor Lee and Amanda Wilson, who is the current Chief People Officer at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). MCEC has developed a gold standard single coordinated policy that integrates alcohol and other drug issues with mental health, fatigue and wellbeing. It was a lively and informative session.

On Day 2 of the program 360Edge’s Head of Service Development, Dr Richard Cash, gave an excellent presentation on “lcohol and other drug policy: Why you need one and how to get it right”. Richard’s presentation highlighted why we are often called upon to assist with designing policy programs that help organisations to ensure that they comply with their legal and duty of care obligations, while promoting a workplace culture that values the safety and wellbeing of all.

Our presentations focused on helping employers  assess and manage fitness for work.

Fitness for work describes a worker’s capacity to work without risk to themselves or others’ health and safety. The ability to work safely and skilfully can be affected by multiple factors including stress, fatigue, sleeping problems, physical and mental health problems as well as alcohol and other drug use. We know that to be effective, alcohol and other drug policy should focus broadly on fitness for work rather than on alcohol and other drug use specifically.

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