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Our WorkEdge™ clients

Better responses to alcohol and drugs in the workplace

Our WorkEdge program is for organisations that want to develop and implement policies to build healthy, safe and productive workplaces. Good management of alcohol or other drugs at work improves diversity and inclusion as well as health and safety.

We work full circle with you to ensure you have the best responses to reduce the impact of alcohol and other drugs at work. You can be sure to get the best advice because we are Australia’s leading experts in contemporary alcohol and other drug policy.

We can help if you:

  • don’t have an alcohol and drug policy or your policy needs updating
  • aren’t sure whether you need to introduce testing
  • just need some information about drugs in the workplace

Our Schools of Substance program offers best practice advice on what and how to implement effective school-based drug education. Say goodbye to Harold and hello to evidence-backed programs that have been proven to reduce alcohol and other drug use among teens. We partner with school-based drug education development experts at the Matilda Centre Sydney University to offer a range of solutions for schools and TAFEs. We provide advice on implementing drug education for primary and secondary students, facilitate information and training for teachers and parents, and support the development of policies to manage drug-related incidents.

Moventium is designed to support leaders to improve motivation and engagement of their team. We teach proven behavioural psychology strategies that we know work. We have translated the tried and tested principles and strategies we learnt from decades of working to help maintain motivation and engagement people in drug treatment been with people in drug treatment to the workplace to help managers to get the best out of their teams.

Improving workplace health and safety, productivity and diversity

Most people who use alcohol and other drugs are employed. A fact no workplace can afford to ignore. While very few people use alcohol or other drugs at work, the effects of a big night out can directly affect workplace culture, safety and productivity. And employers are responsible for their workers and contractors while they are at work, including at work sanctioned events, like Christmas parties and team dinners, and in employer provided accommodation.

360Edge’s WorkEdge  program is our state of the art program for industry, specifically designed for workplaces who want to make their workplace culture safe, healthy and diverse. It’s backed by decades of experience and the latest evidence.

Our best practice policy program ensures that your organisation complies with its legal and duty of care obligations, while promoting a workplace culture that values the safety and wellbeing of all.



Rapid review

Our Rapid Review service involves a fast and effective assessment of your current workplace policies and programs using our scientifically informed measurement and review system.

Policy development and implementation

Our Policy Development and Implementation service is an all-inclusive, comprehensive package to:
- Review your existing policies that impact on alcohol and other drug use
- Customise and deliver alcohol policy backed by the latest evidence and legal review
- Provide resources and full support during implementation

Full suite expert support

Our Expert Support service offers a full suite of tailored services, including:
- Policy review and development, including effective responses and sanctions for breaches
- Design and implementation of effective EAP and referral for alcohol and other drug problems
- Program design and implementation to improve workplace culture
- Communication resource development for workers and external stakeholders
- Evidence-based behaviour change for mangers with Moventium™ team motivation program
- Evaluation, including evaluation design, data collection and analysis and reporting

Alcohol policy in the resources industry

BHP Minerals Australia

360Edge has been working closely with BHP, providing policy advice about an alcohol management standard for accommodation villages across Australia to better support the inclusion, health, wellbeing, and safety of all workers.

We reviewed current workplace alcohol and other drug policy, comparing with the evidence-base for remote worksites, and provided advice about alcohol management policies and procedures to reduce the risk of intoxication and associated harms, based on the Australian alcohol guidelines.

We supported this policy work with the development of a range of education tools to disseminate the new standards and provide support for workers to understand and be able to meet the new policy requirements.

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia

We provided support to The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia to develop a collaborative industry wide alcohol guideline for WA’s minerals and energy sector.

Our CEO, Professor Nicole Lee gave a presentation to the Chamber’s working group on this issue and developed a detailed background paper which was used to develop the guideline.

Moventium™: The science of team motivation

Moventium is a leading edge management program designed to equip today’s leaders with simple, practical and proven tactical tools for motivating teams and dealing with people that are resistant to change.

Using the science of motivation, we’ll show you how easy it is to influence your team and clients so that they eagerly embrace change and new ideas.

Taking a different approach to change, Moventium focuses on immediate results, without needing to wait years for cultural change to take hold in the workplace. This results in a rapid improvement to team creativity, productivity and engagement.

The Moventium methodology is easy to understand and is based on more than 25 years of scientific research with people struggle with drug use.

People don’t mind change but they don’t like to be changed.

Whether you are introducing new policies, team structures or workflows, learn how to get change easily and quickly.

  • Understand the real reasons people change
  • Discover what motivates your team (it’s not what you think)
  • Learn simple strategies to motivate your team
  • See real improvement immediately with proven strategies

Ready to get some Moventium in your team? Contact us for more information about how Moventium can accelerate change in your team.

City of Greater Dandenong

360Edge were engaged by COGD to undertake a rapid review of our policy in relation to drug and alcohol in the workplace. The process provided a foundation for the update of our approach to manage issues concerning alcohol and drugs in the workplace.

This includes our commitment to assisting those affected by substance abuse whilst providing an acceptable benchmark for all staff especially those in high-risk occupations. We now have a clear plan to provide the appropriate support mechanisms for those affected by drug and alcohol abuse and also educating our staff by creating a greater awareness of the harmful impact of substance abuse.

The benefit of the rapid review approach was that 360Edge interviewed all stakeholders who were impacted by the future change to our policy and this tailored response with a comprehensive report provided a foundation for the future change in policy direction.

Matt Coughlan, City of Greater Dandenong

Improving justice responses to alcohol and other drug issues

360Edge are leading experts in evidence-based therapeutic interventions for people encountering the criminal justice system.

Our team combines expertise in alcohol and other drug policy, program design and treatment responses with specialist expertise in forensic treatment and therapeutic jurisprudence.

We can assist courts, corrections and treatment providers provide the best-practice response to people encountering the criminal justice system, ensuring both good therapeutic outcomes for clients and the protection of the community through effectively tackling underlying causes of recidivism.







Helping courts reunite families

The Judicial College of Victoria in collaboration with the Family Drug Treatment Court approached 360Edge to assist with identifying and documenting principles of practice.

A recent evaluation had identified a gap in a well-articulated model of care for the service. 360Edge had the opportunity to engage in a co-design process to articulate and document a model of care.

Our work involved a brief evidence review and the development of a background discussion paper which provided a strong base for the two co-design sessions that took place in 2020.

The first session led to the development of a practice document encompassing therapeutic principles and values and comparing these to the pre-existing procedures, with the aim of refining it into a formalised model of care. The second and final session involved refining the model and finalising it.

We synthesised a document outlining an improved model of care and practice principles through evidence-based research and collaborative results of two successfully run codesign workshops.

What Works: Alcohol and Other Drug Interventions In Prisons

People with alcohol and other drug problems are over-represented in the criminal justice system and prisons provide a unique opportunity to address these problems.

In this evidence-led report, we outline ‘what works’ in relation to alcohol and other drug treatment within a prison context.