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Why 360Edge?

360Edge is a leading alcohol and other drug consultancy in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

We provide a full suite of advisory services to help health service organisations accelerate change. We work with leading international organisations, governments and not for profit agencies across Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and globally.

Our consultancy vision is for a community that provides the best practice responses right across the spectrum of alcohol and other drug use. We see the alcohol and other drug sector as an area that has continuous improvement at its core and is resilient and adaptable to change. Our mission is to ensure governments and services have the tools they need to respond effectively and efficiently to people who use alcohol and other drugs to reduce harms.

We are driven to make a positive impact in the world and strongly believe in social justice and human rights, and it drives all of our work. We believe that everyone has the right to the opportunities and privileges that society has to offer. As a leading consultancy, our values of excellence, transparency and integrity are at the core of everything we do. We live these values within the team and with our customers and collaborators.

Our team of experienced ‘pracademics’ take a 360 approach to viewing situations from multiple perspectives. We collaboratively and holistically work with our clients at every stage, wherever they are in the cycle of change, to achieve their goals.

We operate across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, and internationally, with offices in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Aotearoa New Zealand (Auckland and Christchurch)

Our team

AOD services

Professor Nicole Lee, Founder and CEO

Dr Nicole is well known across the globe for her expertise in policy and practice translation. Her knowledge and expertise on Australia's methamphetamine problems is second to none. With her unique background in clinical services, academia, teaching, and management, her policy advice is sought after by Australian and international governments, and major organisations like the WHO and the UNODC. Not your typical academic, her surprising but informative presentation style bridges that gap between research to practice to make the complex crystal clear. Nicole is also Adjunct Professor at the National Drug Research Institute Curtin University; member of the Australian National Council on Alcohol and other Drugs; board member of Hello Sunday Morning and The Loop Australia; and Fellow of the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy.

0403 958 803
Twitter: @DrNicoleLee

Working with families in AOD services

Paula Ross, Head of Workforce Development (Victorian office)

Paula leads our workforce development programs with key responsibility for developing and delivering our training, supervision and workforce policy development programs. She is also our families' expert. With her extensive experience in Counselling Psychology, she really understands how to bring the evidence into clinical practice, so participants get the skills they need to be more effective. She is highly sought after all around Australia for her training and supervision skills. Our clients love her combination of warmth and pragmatism. Paula is also a couselling psychologist in private practice.

1300 988 184
Twitter: @The360Edge

AOD services

Dr Richard Cash, Head of Service Development (Victorian office)

Richard leads our service improvement and evaluation programs. He is also our trauma expert. With his extensive experience in Forensic Psychology, he really understands the complexities of real world service delivery. He is a master at translating research into practical solutions so governments and services stay up to date and on the cutting edge of evidence-based practice, providing the best possible responses for service users. Our clients love his engaging communication style. Richard is also psychologist in private practice and was previously Director of Education and Training Phoenix Australia

1300 988 184
Twitter: @The360Edge

AOD services

Tim Hilton, Head of Health Systems Development (Victorian office)

Tim is our expert in developing, costing, and modelling health systems. He really knows that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. With his background in accounting and his clear head for complex logistics and health systems analysis, even the most challenging projects come off without a hitch. Our clients love his positive and optimistic approach and his second-to-none client relationship skills.

1300 988 184
Twitter: @The360Edge

Chris Raine, Head of Partnerships (Queensland office)

Chris is our high-achieving business strategist. With his extensive not-for-profit experience, he can find innovative solutions to any problem for our clients and clients to be. And he was Young Australian of the Year (Queensland), a Westpac Fellow and an Oxford Skoll Scholar to boot! Chris's superpower is connecting for the public good. He was previously Founder and CEO at Hello Sunday Morning.

1300 988 184
Twitter: @ckraine

Devushka Blake, Business and Administration Manager (Queensland office)

Dee is our project coordinator extraordinaire. She makes sure all our service and workforce projects run to time and budget, and that deliverables are to the highest possible standard, all delivered with a smile. With her sector experience she really understands what projects need to be successful. Dee's cat herding and juggling skills are second to none.

1300 988 184
Twitter: @The360Edge

Dr Amanda Davies, Senior Consultant (Northern Territory office)

Amanda is our super senior consultant. With her varied experience in clinical service delivery, research and evaluation and health system reform gives her a unique ability to put the pieces together to drive effective solutions. She also has extensive experience and understanding of First Nations services. We love her considered and solution-focused thinking. Amanda is also board member of Northern Territory Aids and Hepatitis Council and the Association of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies NT.

1300 988 184
Twitter: @The360Edge

Nicole Dimond, Senior Administration Officer (Queensland office)

Nic D is our ever-smiling administration guru. She provides the support and backend management to ensure our many workshops go off without a hitch. She also is our style guru, keeping our branding in check and engaging. Her amazing administration skills are second to none, all delivered with a smile.

1300 988 184
Twitter: @The360Edge

AOD services

Rebecca Low, Financial Controller (NSW office)

It's all about the numbers for our super financial controller, Bec. She monitors the ins and outs of our finances with lightning precision. We love her attention to detail and always-happy disposition.

1300 988 184
Twitter: @The360Edge

Mia Emanuel, Administration Assistant (ACT office)

Mia is our administrative superstar! She provides invaluable admin support and is our go to guru for all things related to evaluations and CRM. Mia’s cheerful can do attitude makes her an absolute pleasure to have on the team.

1300 988 184
Twitter: @The360Edge

Suz Stainthorpe, Policy and Communications Officer (Victorian Office)

Suz, our Policy and Communications Officer. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for writing compelling content, Suz is our go-to person for all things related to inquiries, social media, annual reports, blogs, and submissions.

1300 988 184
Twitter: @The360Edge

Kathryn Leafe, Associate New Zealand (Aotearoa New Zealand office)

Need to know something about alcohol and other drugs in Aotearoa New Zealand? Kathryn is our Aotearoa New Zealand expert. She's an innovator in the harm reduction and prison space and a leader in service transformation. Connector extraordinaire with a deep knowledge of the Aotearoa New Zealand sector. Kathryn was previously CEO NZ Needle Exchange Program.

Twitter: @kathrynleafe1

Dr Moira Junge, Associate

Moira is CEO of the Sleep Health Foundation and Director of the Australian Sleep and Alertness Consortium. She is a Health Psychologist and one of Australia’s foremost experts in sleep and sleep disorders. Moira developed and delivers our “Good Night. Sleep Tight.” workshop on improving sleep among people who use alcohol and other drugs.

Professor Amanda Baker, Associate

Amanda is an internationally renowned Clinical Psychologist and Adjunct Professor at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre University of NSW. She was previously Professor at the University of Newcastle. An award-winning innovator, she specialises in alcohol and other drug treatment, and especially well known for her work in treatment of people with co-existing mental health and alcohol and other drug problems.

Dr Monica Barratt, Associate

Monica is Senior Research Fellow at RMIT University and an international expert in drug harm reduction and drug policy. She is Executive Director of the global drug harm reduction community,, and research lead for the drug checking organisation, The Loop Australia. She Australia’s key expert in digital drug trading, legislation of novel substances, and innovative responses like public drug alerts, drug checking and psychedelic use.

Professor Steve Allsop, Associate

Steve is Professor at the National Drug Research Institute Curtin University and an award winning international leader in the alcohol and other drug sector. He is also Chair of the Boards of the WA Alcohol and other Drug Advisory Board and the WA Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies; Deputy Chair of Australian National Advisory Council on Alcohol and other Drugs; and, Board Member of the Australian Drug Foundation.

Dr Sue O'Neill, Associate

Sue is Honorary Senior Lecturer in Special Education with the School of Education at the University of New South Wales. She is a leading expert in improving the educational and life outcomes for students with special needs, particularly those with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Her expertise spans teacher development to positively manage their classrooms to support at-risk and justice-involved youth. She has a special interest in rural and remote Indigenous communities.

Professor Nicole Newton, Associate

Nicole is Professor at the University of Sydney and Director of Prevention at the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use. She is internationally renowned for her work prevention of alcohol and other drug and mental health disorders. She is a leader and innovator in the use of technology in school based drug education. She developed Australia’s lead drug education program, OurFutures.

Jack Nagle, Associate

Jack is a high profile lived experience advocate and is Founder and Director of the With-In Collective, a modern-day addiction recovery organisation supporting personal recovery, innovation and change. With-in Collective includes media company Real Drug Talk and the treatment organisation Connection Based Living.

Our approach

Beyond alcohol and drugs

We understand alcohol and drug use and the most effective policy and practice responses, so you get the best possible advice on policy and practice strategies whatever your sector.

Practical answers for the real world

When you want to know what’s working and what’s not - without the waffle. When you want practical strategies that work in the real world. We work alongside you to understand your organisation and offer realistic advice that will accelerate change.

A clear plan for the future

We take the guesswork out of achieving your improvement goals. Our recommendations are written in clear, succinct language that everyone can understand and are feasible to implement.

Tailored solutions

We know there’s no one size fits all solution to alcohol and other drug problems. We take the time to understand your unique situation from all perspectives and connect the dots, from research to practice.

Change that lasts

Our academic expertise and practical experience in alcohol and other drugs helps you cut through the noise to find solutions that last. You’ll receive cutting edge processes that you can implement and sustain within your resources.

Measurable outcomes

We ask the right questions and distill complex information to deliver what works for you. Gain real results you can see, measure and communicate to others.

How we work

We are a team of specialist 'pracademics'. Practical academics who understand best practice and have extensive clinical experience. We know what works in the real world.

Over the last 30 years we have delivered solutions that work for organisations of different sizes from around the world, in both the private and public sector, and we will find a solution that works for your organisation as well.

Our real-world processes offer flexible, practical and effective approaches for organisations that take into consideration the needs of your clients and your workers, as well as the need for the organisation to perform at its best.

Our Clients

We have worked with leading national and international organisations to accelerate change.

Previously in the media

May 2022

360Edge CEO Professor Nicole Lee spoke to The Guardian and 7News about drink spiking and pubs and clubs.

Dr Nicole also spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about drinking after COVID-19 infection and to ABC Mornings about “nangs”.

April 2022

Nicole wrote two pieces in The Conversation, an explainer on how to cut back on alcohol and a review of the mixed evidence for Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous programs.

She was interviewed Radio National Drive, 2SER The Wire and others on her AA piece, on ABC Sydney Mornings on nitrous oxide or “nangs”, as well as ABC News TV and The Guardian on drink spiking.

The Article on how to cut back on alcohol was the most popular instagram story for The Conversation that week. And this month Nicole hit 3 million reads, making her the top read Curtin University author in The Conversation of all time.

February 2022

CEO Professor Nicole Lee was on Mamamia’s podcast, The Quicky, to discuss reports of needle spiking at pubs and clubs.

December 2021

Professor Nicole Lee spoke to Cathy Van Extel on ABC Radio National about alcohol in the workplace, following the shocking revelations of the Jenkins Review on sexual harassment and bullying in parliament.

Dr Lee was also recently on 3AW Drive speaking about proposals in the UK to remove passports and licenses from people who use drugs, as well as on 2SER discussing drink spiking in Australia.

November 2021

In response to an inaccurate and stigmatising social media campaign by the Australian Federal Police, 360Edge CEO, Professor Nicole Lee and 360Edge Policy Consultant Jarryd Bartle wrote inThe Conversationabout evidence-based health promotion campaigns.

Dr Nicole discussed the ill-advised AFP campaign with Australian Doctor and was quoted on the topic in the Overland Journal.

Dr Nicole was also mentioned in an article for Independent Australia criticising Australia’s drug laws, provided some harm reduction advice in The New Daily about drinking after lockdown and spoke to Mamamia about drink spiking.

October 2021

If your alcohol or other drug use has changed during the pandemic, especially if you have been in one of the lockdown states, 360Edge CEO, Professor Nicole Lee offers some harm reduction tips in The Conversation as venues and festivals start to open up again in earnest.

September 2021

Professor Nicole Lee, spoke to ABC News  about the use of psilocybin for therapeutic purposes.

Dr Lee and 360Edge Consultant Jarryd Bartle were also quoted in an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald about celebrities caught using cocaine.

August 2021

Professor Nicole Lee, spoke to ABC Radio Melbourne about the Victorian Inquiry into the Use of Cannabis report and the regulation of cannabis.

360Edge Consultant Jarryd Bartle wrote for ZenFeed about changes in alcohol and other drug use in Australia as a result of the pandemic.

July 2021

Professor Nicole Lee, spoke to The Culture Conversationabout our WorkWell program, supporting the implementation of evidence-based alcohol and other drug policy in the workplace.

June 2021

Professor Nicole Lee spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about ‘Dry July’ and other booze-free months.

Dr Nicole was also quoted in Rolling Stone Australia about treatment for methamphetamine-related problems.

May 2021

Professor Nicole Lee and consultant Jarryd Bartle have provided an explainer in The Conversation all about our current understanding of ‘drink spiking’ in Australia. Dr Nicole spoke to WA Today on the topic.

Whilst recently in New Zealand, Dr Nicole also spoke to RNZ about methamphetamine related harms.

April 2021

Professor Nicole Lee and consultant Jarryd Bartle have written about the proposal in the ACT for drug decriminalisation.

March 2021

Professor Nicole Lee provided commentary for AOD Media Watch on media reporting regarding the use of psychedelics in mental health treatment.

Dr Nicole also spoke about the current evidence for psychedelic treatment in The Guardian.

January 2021

Professor Nicole Lee discussed the benefits of reducing alcohol consumption as we head into the new year.

December 2020

Professor Nicole Lee is in Croakey summarising the findings of our latest report: Exploring the place of alcohol and other drug services in the mental health system.

Dr Nicole also spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about government plans to decriminalise the possession and use of drugs, as well as Australian Doctor about treatment for methamphetamine use.

October 2020

Dr Nicole Lee has written in The Conversation about the changes in alcohol and other drug consumption during and why treatment needs funding now more than ever.

Dr Nicole also spoke to VICE about methamphetamine use amongst mothers in rural Australia as as The New Daily about alcohol use and women.

September 2020

Dr Nicole Lee spoke to New Daily about what we know about alcohol consumption within the context of natural disasters.

Dr Nicole also spoke on 3CR’s Enpsychedelia program about the impact of the pandemic of drug markets.

Finally, Dr Nicole spoke to Discover Magazine about the effects of different alcoholic drinks on behaviour.

August 2020

Dr Nicole Lee spoke to 3CR about alcohol and other drug use during lockdown.

Whilst 360Edge Consultant Jarryd Bartle provided commentary on the use of policing during the pandemic.

July 2020

Much of this month was spent responding to the findings of the National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2019, with 360Edge Director, Professor Nicole Lee being interviewed by Triple RCountry NewsAAPThe Daily Telegraph and The New Daily.

Dr Nicole co-authored a piece in The Conversation with Dr Monica Barratt on the risks associated with ‘drive-in music festivals‘.

Dr Nicole also co-authored an article piece in The Conversation with Professor Suzanne Nielson, on the impact of Melbourne’s “hard lockdown” of public housing on people who use drugs.

Finally, Dr Nicole spoke to The Green Fund on the likelihood of cannabis legalisation in Australia.

June 2020

Professor Nicole Lee, was a guest on 3CR’s Radical Philosophy program about illicit drug use and COVID-19.

Dr Nicole also spoke to The New Daily about Amazon Australia’s proposed alcohol delivery service and joined RTRFM to discuss potential alcohol-related problems during the coronavirus lockdown.

Dr Nicole and 360Edge Research Consultant Brigid Clancy were also in The Conversation writing some tips for people “getting back on the beers” after lockdown.

May 2020

Professor Nicole Lee continued to speak about concerns regarding alcohol consumption whilst in quarantine including the Brisbane Times and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Dr Nicole was also a guest on Global Drug Survey’s Corona Conversations –  explaining the impact of the pandemic on the Australian alcohol and drug sector.

360Edge legal expert Jarryd Bartle provided a guest blog for Sydney Drug Lawyers on the relationship between methamphetamine and the criminal justice system.

April 2020

Dr Nicole Lee was reported in a variety of media outlets about the impact of the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders on drinking habits, including ABC NewsSydney Morning Herald and The Daily Mail.

Dr Nicole also spoke to Crikey News about the potential impact of the pandemic on overdoses, dependence and treatment.

March 2020

Dr Nicole spoke to ABC News about gaps in drug rehabilitation services for women. In particular, Dr Nicole highlighted some of the specific needs of women for additional mental health, family and parenting support

Dr Nicole wrote a review in The Conversation for the new film ‘Wild Butterfly’ – the story of Claire Murray, a woman who died in 2010 at just 24 years old after complications from a failed liver transplant. The story raises questions of trauma, substance use and blame culture.

360Edge Consultant Jarryd Bartle wrote an article for Sydney Criminal Lawyers on how to tell your family you’ve been charged with a crime.

Dr Nicole was also interviewed on Triple J’s Hack on whether ‘breaking the seal’ when drinking alcohol is a real thing (it’s not).

February 2020

Dr Nicole on SBS talking cannabis legalisation in the ACT

360Edge Consultant Jarryd Bartle was also in The Conversation recently with Dr Stephen Bright to discuss fresh cannabis laws in The ACT.

Dr Nicole and Brigid also wrote for The Conversation. Covering the issue of hangovers, blackouts and ‘hangxiety’.

Dr Nicole again in The Conversation on the new draft alcohol guidelines


Dr Nicole was interviewed on The Wire to discuss pill testing in NSW. She was also interviewed on FBI Radio discussing drug testing of welfare recipients and NSW lockout laws.

Dr Nicole was also interviewed on ABC Breakfast to discuss Ice Training in Mildura (begins 40 minutes in).

360Edge Consultant Jarryd Bartle was interviewed on 3AW about implementing a safe injecting facility in St Kilda.

Dr Nicole also discussed the lack of evidence support drug testing of welfare recipients in The Conversation.

Nicole was on ABC Mornings Live and 2SER discussing drug testing of welfare recipients and was quoted in the New Daily on the same topic. Nicole also discussed drug rehab funding on ABC’s The World Today and discussed pill testing at festivals for the Daily Telegraph.

Nicole on Radio Adelaide discussing pill testing, on talkRADIO UK on drug deaths, and SBS Radio Serbia discussing festival deaths.
360Edge Consultant Jarryd Bartle on drug testing welfare recipients in News Ltd and on the history of methamphetamine in 10Daily.

Dr Nicole’s response to ABC’s Australian Story on Shalom House

Nicole Lee on  The ABC’s ice wars documentary is overblown and unhelpful

Watch Dr Nicole in the ABC documentary ‘Ice Wars’

We believe in evidence based alcohol and other drug policy

When it comes to alcohol and other drugs, we are passionate about evidence-based policy because we think we should do what is effective.

We frequently make public submissions to inquiries into measures to respond to alcohol and other drug issues.

Our year in review

2022 was another great year!

As the world recalibrated after a global pandemic, the health sector likewise readjusted. The pandemic changed us and the way we worked. We saw during the two year peak period of COVID-19 how important good mental health is. Drinking increased and there were shifts in the illicit drug market.

During this whole period, we continued to use our unique skill set to support governments, services and workplaces to reduce drug related harm. Our work increased in number and complexity.

Across our three core program areas we were especially delighted to be able to apply our deep knowledge in alcohol and other drugs to sectors outside the specialist alcohol and other drug sector, including primary care, child protection, justice health, mental health, welfare and education.

Our Workforce Development work continued to increase significantly with greater recognition by funders of the importance of investing in our workforce. It’s now our biggest program area. Our Service Development program extended our program evaluation and service improvement methodologies to a broader range of services. And our Health Systems Development program embarked on some ambitious programs to map investment and demand in alcohol and other drug services in Queensland and Tasmania.

Our Schools of Substance Program kicked off with a partnership with The Matilda Centre and OurFutures Institute and was one of only three alcohol and other drug programs listed on the Victorian Schools Mental Health Menu. And WorkEdge, our workplace policy program, was busier than ever, working across our traditional safety sensitive industries and professional sport.

I am, as always, super grateful to be working with the brains trust of the alcohol and other drugs sector, who are also delightful individuals. We are looking forward to what 2023 brings. In the meantime, enjoy a sample of our work this year here.

Dr Nicole Lee, Founder and CEO


2021 Annual Report here

We don't have any vacant positions currently available.